The Village

Quaint town perfect for nature lovers and wine connoisseurs.

Welcome to The Village

Quaint town perfect for nature lovers and wine connoisseurs.
Nestled within citrus groves and majestic oak trees, The Village sits in the bosom of Ojai Valley flanked by the Topa Topa mountains and an array of eclectic attractions. It’s a historic town with famous pink sunsets, vivacious residents, and curious tourists yearning to relish the charm and intimate atmosphere of this bustling little vicinity.
The Village was developed and beautified by Edward Libbey when he fell in love with Ojai valley in the early 20th century. Since then, it has seen a more modern and fitting design, complete with a Spanish-style arcade, a Catholic church that now serves as Ojai Valley museum, the Ojai Valley Country Club (now Ojai Valley Inn and Spa) as well as a pergola facing the arcade.
Today, these buildings remain standing in all their exquisite glory, relics of The Village’s architectural history. A paradise of luxury homes — from charming Spanish estates surrounded by orchards to serene homes nestled upon meticulous landscaping — The Village is a favorite for people who desire the spirited bustle of larger cities within a smaller, tranquil setting.

What to Love

  • Ojai Post Office belltower reminiscent of Havana’s famous campanile
  • Ojai Valley is a popular spot for hiking and biking
  • Scene of many restaurants, galleries, wineries, ranches, and boutiques

People & Lifestyle

Quaint, serene, and cradled among mountains and fine trees, the Village attracts many nature lovers. From hippie residents to tourists, this is a notable haven for people of diverse backgrounds united by a curiosity to explore the natural essence of this neighborhood.
Chain stores don’t exist here, giving the Village a flourish of next-door mom-and-pop run businesses. From boutiques like Julia Rose and Bart Books to the Farmer’s Market offering the choicest foods and veggies locally grown on Ojai’s fertile farms, The Village prides itself on prioritizing local commerce above all else.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

A mecca for tourists and family-owned businesses, the Village is home to classy restaurants and bars. At Osteria Monte Grappa, you can select from a rustic menu of Italian meals and seafood dishes spiced with local and seasonal ingredients or order yummy pancakes for breakfast at Bonnie Lu’s.
If you wish to dine at an outdoor location, Agave Maria’s Restaurant might be the place for you — they serve the most exotic pixie margaritas and sumptuous burritos. Ojai Rotie is notable for its delicious rotisserie chicken. From there, you can go ahead to grab some fresh beer at Topa Topa Brewery or taste some refined wine at Ojai Vineyard Winery.

Things to Do

From extraordinary wine tasting at The Village’s luxurious wineries to a tour of local art in the Ojai Valley Museum, this town doesn’t come up short when it comes to exciting things to do.
You might want to join the rest of Ojai in celebration of Pixie Month to honor the tasty, seedless tangerine unique to Ojai or gather at Lake Casitas for the Ojai Wine Festival. You can also take a stroll through a dreamlike field of wildflowers at Ojai Meadow Preserve, where you’re likely to catch lots of bluebirds taking flight or take a short hike to the 300-foot Rose Valley Falls.
Ojai Valley Trail is also perfect for a sunset ride on horseback, with the cool wind sighing in your face as the mountains sweep past your eyes.
And if you’re looking to level up your golf game with friends, the Country Club at Ojai Valley Inn is world-class and offers one of the first great golf courses in Southern California.


The Village is served by the Ojai Unified School District, home to a number of excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:

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